When I was younger, gaining weight was a real challenge. My friends used to call me payat or niwang, which all translates to being skinny. Even back then, I have always been in love with food and my fondness for eating conitnued as I grew older. Enventually, food loved me back. I started to pack some pounds. And when I say pounds, I mean A LOT OF POUNDS!

When my mom left to work in NYC, I was left with no choice but to learn how to cook for myself, my dad and my sister. I learned a lot of new dishes because of my aunt and I will always be thankful to her.

In 2007, I started working in a call center. During these years, I was really trying my best to gain some weight. With the shifting schedules and stress from work, I remained at around 90 pounds. So, I decided to make a career move and transferred to a company much closer to where I live, with a fixed mid shift schedule and I should say, lesser stress.

In 2011, I started gaining weight in my new workplace. Mainly because they've allowed us to have longer breaks, permits us to eat in our work stations with occasional free food!!! I am now at 100+something pounds. I just need to make sure not to get carried away.

This blog was created to share my thoughts on food, cooking, baking and other things that can be related to it. I'll try my best to include some lifestyle and healthy options in my articles. Let me know if you have any ideas for a new post, would like me to give a review for something or if you just want to ask questions. Please feel free to contact me.