Sunday, May 28, 2017

My Top 5 Pinoy Street Food

Street food is really popular amongst the Filipinos. Most of us have been eating food from the streets on a regular basis for lunch, snack or dinner. Manila has a wide range of street food it’s like there will always be something to eat in every street corner! It is heaven! I have already tried quite a number especially when I was still in college. But I was never really fond of the exotic type, like the one-day-old, helmet, adidas, etc. So this list is not as exciting as the one done by the Best Ever Food Review Show but I will still give it a try.

Here is a list of my favourite street food!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

We're on Our 4th Year!

When I started this blog four years ago, all I just wanted to do was try out new places and share my experiences. At that time, I was working in Eastwood where there a lot of new restaurants and I had so much time (and probably more money, too!). The food that we’ve eaten and the new places we visited were really great. But food blogs can be really expensive and it is demanding. You have to be in the know of new restaurants, food trend and other social events! My priorities did change as the years went by and I can say writing has to be set aside.

I just received a notification that this domain will be renewed again in 1 week. I had done some thinking and I decided, I will not let this go. I will continue writing and I know I have already said that a couple of times, I just wish I will have the drive to try again. I’m tired of giving up.

I have already drafted a few articles for this blog. Please be patient. I was planning of going back to basics. I would feature some food choices for the budget conscious like me, more recipes and other stuff. If ever I still have audiences, please feel free to give me ideas of what you would like to see. 

Happy 4th anniversary to us!