Monday, April 3, 2017

Our Banapple Anniversary Experience + Pinkberry

Banapple’s 10th anniversary promo happened last March 31. Their Banoffee and Apple Caramel Crumble Pies are sold at their 2007 prices. So, my friends from the office and I went to Banapple in Ayala Triangle Gardens. This branch opens 7:30 AM and we were there around 8:30 AM. Well, the line was not as long as J.Co’s anniversary promo but we still spent hours waiting.
Banapple Anniversary
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This photo was taken from where we are when we started to line up.
Long line for the Banapple Anniversary

After an hour in line, one of the crews from Banapple taking orders approached us. But before she took our orders, she first gave us some instructions about their promo and showed us a piece of paper.
Terms for the Banapple Anniversary

Apparently, there is a limit to what you can buy. One customer can get 2 slices of pies or 2 whole pies only. Not that we are planning to hoard and resell their pies. We just simply didn’t know about this. All we know is that the pies are sold at their prices ten years ago. That’s what we saw on their Facebook page a couple of days ago. It seems they added some more details a day before their anniversary.

Our problem is there are only four of us in line and we needed ten slices! So we are one person short to get each of us a slice of pie. And I forgot, she also said that the Apple Caramel Crumble Pie is no longer available. So we just decided to take one whole Banoffee Pie. Each whole pie is sold at Php800. It is a little bit more compared to the per slice price.
Banoffee Pie from Banapple

So, here it is! We waited three hours for this and we ate everything in less than thirty minutes! We all enjoyed it to the last bite! Yum-yum!
Banoffee Pie from Banapple

While we were waiting in line, we checked out Pinkberry. They were having a Buy 1 Get 1 on their PinkTea! Check some photos below.
Pinkberry BOGO PinkTea Deal

Pinkberry in Ayala Triangle Gardens

Pinkberry on-the-go

Pinkberry Fruits and Swirl Pearls

Pinkberry Toppings

Pinkberry Toppings

Pinkberry Toppings

Pinkberry Toppings

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