Sunday, April 30, 2017

Starbucks Summer Frappuccinos

Whenever Starbucks unveils a featured beverage, I always feel excited and happy. It is definitely a chance for Starbucks lovers to try something new and explore wonderful new flavors! But I am also sad at the same time because these featured beverages are not here to stay. So you better try it while it’s still available.
Pop'zel Coffee and Roasted Marshmallow S'mores Frappuccino
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Friday, April 28, 2017

APD Summer Outing 2017

We just recently had our company summer outing in Buracai de Laiya in Batangas. It is the third summer outing for most but it will be the first time for me. I wasn't really excited and didn't have plans to go at first, because most of my friends are not joining the outing. But when a few of my friends changed their minds and decided to go too! I got all excited and I immediately packed my bags!
APD Summer Outing

Monday, April 3, 2017

Our Banapple Anniversary Experience + Pinkberry

Banapple’s 10th anniversary promo happened last March 31. Their Banoffee and Apple Caramel Crumble Pies are sold at their 2007 prices. So, my friends from the office and I went to Banapple in Ayala Triangle Gardens. This branch opens 7:30 AM and we were there around 8:30 AM. Well, the line was not as long as J.Co’s anniversary promo but we still spent hours waiting.
Banapple Anniversary
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