Sunday, May 1, 2016

Snow Panda - SM Angono

This year’s summer started early and it’s really hot around this time of the month. I bet our electricity bill will be soaring high again! Lol! And when I’m on my way home from work, I normally take longer routes just to pass through some malls! So, how do you cool down this summer? Some people might turn on the AC and stay indoors, some goes to the beach and for some (most) people like me we eat ice cream, halo-halo or anything cold!
Snow Panda

It was one lazy Sunday afternoon when I saw one of my friends posted about Snow Panda on Facebook. It looks really good and inviting. So I asked her and she told me where to find it. Snow Panda had just opened their store in SM Angono which is just a stone’s throw away from our house.
Snow Panda Vito Cruz
Snow Panda opened its first store in Vito Cruz Manila. I’ve tried looking online for other branches and it seems like the one in SM Angono is just their second branch! Cool! They serve Korean desserts like different kinds of Bing Su, Kimbab, hot and cold tea, smoothies and special yogurt. Bing Su, Patbingsu or Bingsoo is a Korean dessert that is made of shaved ice and sweet toppings like red beans, fruits, milk and chocolates. 
Snow Panda - SM Angono
I went to SM Angono and looked for the Snow Panda store. The place isn’t that big so I spotted it easily! The place looks cool (cold) and there’s also a number of people inside. Their tables are cute and their AC is full on! Kinda gives me a hint on how cold the snow feels.
Snow Panda - SM Angono
I really didn’t know what to get so I asked for their bestseller –Injeolme Bing Su and Mango Bing Su. Injeolme? I looked it up and it is a type of rice cake that is made from steaming and pounding glutinous rice flour then shaped into bite size pieces and usually rolled with dried beans. Injeolme Bing Su is served with rice cake, peanut powder and almonds (not roasted, which could’ve given it a better taste) over shaved ice. I think you already have an idea of Mango Bing Su tastes like. But their mangos are a bit sour, I was expecting sweet.
Snow Panda Bing Su
Snow Panda | Injeolme Bing Su
Snow Panda | Mango Bing Su
You can order their Bing Su in medium or large. For me, their medium size bowl is enough for sharing. I was not able to finish it by myself. For me, their desserts are a bit pricey. It costs Php 130 – Php 220. If you would like to have drinks as well and get the full Snow Panda experience, you can prepare around Php 300.
Snow Panda | Menu
Snow Panda | Menu
Snow Panda | Menu
You can visit Snow Panda Facebook page or call 0917-840-0001. 
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