Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pa-Chicken McDo for Joy

It’s funny because here in the Philippines, we normally associate famous brand names to everything similar to it and use it like a generic term. Like how we use Colgate for toothpaste and Xerox for photocopiers/photocopying. I think the same thing goes for fastfood fried chickens! 
Pa-Chicken McDo for Joy

When I was still a kid and even up to this day, more often than not, I call all fried chickens ChickenJoy! Hahahaha! I have to admit that Jollibee was able to establish a good branding scheme and they have beaten other fastfood chains on some products but not all. McDonald’s Philippines recently released a video ad about people named Joy being asked on what is their favorite chicken or in Tagalog “ano ang (paboritong) manok ni Joy?” I call this The Battle of the Chickens! 
Well, I thought it was a pretty aggressive move by McDo PH to try to dominate and beat Jollibee. Did they play it dirty? I don’t think so. In fact, it was a very interesting strategy and they got my attention now. Go on McDo PH, I’m listening. 
Pa-Chicken McDo for Joy

Pa-Chicken McDo for Joy

And then a few days after, all JOYs were called out for a free Chicken McDo! They announced that they will be giving free Chicken McDo for boys and girls named Joy regardless of how it’s spelled. It can be Joy, Joye, Joyce or Jhoy or names that have Joy in it. These Joys can bring a friend along who also gets a free Chicken McDo. Yay!!! This offer though is only offered in selected branches. 
A few of my friends tagged me on Facebook and some sent me messages. This Pa-Chicken McDo for Joy was held last April 22, 2016 (Friday) from 3-5 PM. Most of my officemates leave early during Fridays and some have other things to do. Paul picks me up every Friday so I tagged him along with me. Here’s the list of participating stores for this promo:

Makati Branches
1. New Glorietta
2. Greenbelt
3. Makati Cinema Square
4. Kingswood
5. Buendia
6. Bankmer
7. Valero
8. PRC
9. Evangelista
10. IBM Paseo Center
11. SM Cyberzone
12. People Support

Taguig Branches
13. One World McKinley
14. Market Market
15. 32nd Street
16. Bench Building
17. BGC Forum
18. Pinagsama Taguig
19. Puregold Taguig

Ortigas Branches
20. Robinsons Galleria
21. Megamall
22. Strata 100
23. Tycoon
24. Frontera Verde
25. Pioneer Reliance
Pa-Chicken McDo for Joy
The closest to me at that time is the McDonald’s branch in Pioneer. I asked Paul if we can just check it out. If the line is too long, we’ll just forget about it. I just showed my ID and we’re lucky to be the 10th pair. We waited about 30 minutes before we got our Chicken McDo! We just bought drinks since it was not included. 
Pa-Chicken McDo for Joy

Overall, this gimmick is actually really good. I hope that McDo PH will continue to have creative ways to promote their products! 
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