Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pa-Chicken McDo for Joy

It’s funny because here in the Philippines, we normally associate famous brand names to everything similar to it and use it like a generic term. Like how we use Colgate for toothpaste and Xerox for photocopiers/photocopying. I think the same thing goes for fastfood fried chickens! 
Pa-Chicken McDo for Joy

Friday, April 15, 2016

Where do You Like to Dip Your (Fish) Balls?

Do you remember how we spent our afternoons when we were still kids? Me? I just usually play street games like patintero and taguan with my friends. And when we start to get hungry, the slightest hint of manong’s fishball aroma leads us to drop everything and head over to manong's cart! Fishballs still has its appeal to me and I probably will never get tired of it (or at least not anytime soon).
Fishballs and Fishball Sauce