Sunday, March 27, 2016

Jariel's Peak - Quezon Province

Paul and his friends have had many motorcycle rides without me because of this irrational fear of riding the motorcycles I have developed over the years. Paul has been kind enough to take me by car to the places they have visited when we get the chance. Last week, they went to Jariel's Peak and now he’s taking me there!
Jariel's Peak | Quezon Province

Jariel's Peak is one of the most popular "backdoor" destinations for motorcycle riders. Backdoor is a term riders use to refer to the road from Rizal going to Laguna or Quezon. Most riders visit the place because of the road’s crazy twists and turns that gives them an adrenaline high!
Jariel's Peak Map
We went there last March 23, my last day at work before the long weekend for the Holy Week. We left at around 2:30 PM. We made a quick stop in Antipolo and travelled through Teresa, Baras and Tanay Rizal until we got to Sampaloc. It was a loooooooong drive. A bit tiring but still I tried to enjoy the scenery and the peaceful villages we passed by. It is a good travel destination for those who would like to escape the busy streets in the Metro. At around 4:30 PM, I checked Waze and our ETA is around 6:00 PM. I was really excited, but I’m more worried about how we are going to get home. I was thinking it would almost be sunset when we get there. I checked for any lamp posts. And to my surprise, there are no street lights in the area!
Jariel's Peak | Quezon
Jariel's Peak | Quezon
Jariel's Peak | Quezon
Jariel's Peak | Quezon
We finally arrived at Jariel’s peak and I got the most breathtaking views I have seen in a long time. This place is one of the greatest escapes I had. I got poor to no coverage on my phone, no internet and no electricity. The place is powered by a generator that is turned off at exactly 10PM.  I was nowhere near any signs of technology. The place is really peaceful and they have dogs that run free! They also have monkeys and other animals.
Jariel's Peak | Bulalo | Sizzling Mountain Snail
 It was almost dinner time so we ordered their famous bulalo. We also tried their sizzling mountain snail! Paul didn’t get the chance to try it out the first time he was there. When our food was served, I was expecting to still see the snail shells! Instead, we were served with this!
Jariel's Peak | Sizzling Mountain Snail
It tasted like squid! Or maybe it felt like it. It was tough to chew and it was rubber like! I probably won’t order it again, but I’m happy to have tried it.

Jariel’s Peak also has some rooms and tents for rent. I just can’t remember the fees. If you’re planning to stay there, make sure to bring your jackets and some blankets. It is really cold and windy there. Plus, you need to bring your mosquito repellent, lots of them please! I think their enormous resident mosquitoes are reason why I wouldn’t want to spend the night there. Also, make sure you’re phones or any electronics are fully charged because it’s lights and power out at 10PM.

Jariel’s Peak is located at Km. 94 Sitio Little Baguio, Brgy. Magsaysay, Marilaque, Quezon. You can check their Facebook page for their contact details.

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