Monday, December 14, 2015

8 Tips in Getting the Best Buffet Experience

It’s Christmas time again and there are parties, gatherings and reunions everywhere! Buffets are most famous this time of the year. So don’t be surprised if you will weigh a little more at least before the year ends. Buffets or Eat-All-You-Cans prices range from as low as Php100 to Php6000! Whether you’re dining in the cheapest buffet restaurant or in the most expensive hotel, you would definitely love to get your money’s worth! Here are some tips that will help you eat more and enjoy the experience.
Tips for the Best Buffet Experience

Tips in Preparing for a Buffet Lunch/Dinner

1. If you’re having a buffet lunch/dinner, don’t starve yourself the whole day. Eat in small amounts beforehand and this should be food that can easily be digested. When you’re ready to start your buffet, you can make wiser choices and less likely to experience stomachache.

2. Before digging in to your plates, make sure to look around first and plan on how you would get your mouth to taste everything. Prioritize the dishes you’d like to try and those that you would like to avoid.

3. Buffets offer a wide variety of food choices like Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Filipino and Western dishes. If you would like to have a taste of everything, just get a small portion/bite sized pieces of everything. If you’re not sure how something tastes like, ask of just get a very small piece. You can always go back if you’ll like it instead of wasting food that doesn’t suit your taste.

4. Some people may advise you to not eat rice. Most Filipinos are rice eaters. So not eating rice during a meal may seem impossible to achieve. Just keep your rice to about a cup or two. Just take enough rice and don’t go for a second rice serving. Extra Rice Please! – Don’t! 

5. Keep your plates “themed”. Let’s say you’re trying the Italian dishes first, make sure to just keep Italian food on your plate. You don't want flavors to mix in your plate. When you’re ready to move on to the next section, get a new plate and keep everything themed.

6. In between sections, you may opt to bite on a fruit or eat a piece of sweets. This will neutralize your tongue from any strong flavors. And will make you enjoy more food on your next plate.

7. Drink. Make sure to stay hydrated always. Drinking water or tea will help you digest everything. Just make sure to avoid carbonated drinks like soft drinks and beer and any alcoholic drinks during the buffet session to avoid feeling bloated.

8. Don’t forget to breathe. Eating in a buffet style restaurant is not a contest or a race. Although you and your friends may compete on who eats the most, this might end up with indigestion and you won’t enjoy the experience. Eat in a slow and steady pace.

 I hope these tips help you get the best buffet experience. If you have any other tips and suggestions, you comment below. Bon App├ętit!
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