Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Share A Coke Experience

Around early or mid-2013, I have seen pictures of coke bottles and cans with names on it. I wondered where and how they got one but I was hopeless because the photos were mostly from Europe and the Middle East. So I just had to let the dream go at that time. Luckily, I found coke in cans in a convenient store that has Mommy and Daddy on it instead of the normal Coca Cola logo. I immediately bought them and the search started here. I found it difficult to find our names on coke cans so I tried looking for our names on 500 ml pet bottles. My sister found her name "Chel" and she bought it. Everyday, I visited 3-4 convenient stores to look for our names but always with no luck. So I checked Coke's website to know more about how I could get one.
Share A Coke