Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm Back!

I have been away for almost five months and I really miss writing. I just had to pick myself up again after what happened back in March. My family had to go through a lot of stuff that we never thought would happen. But we have to move on so the drama ends here. :)
I donated my hair!
What have you missed? I got my haircut! I've been wearing a long hair for a very long time and I just want a change. And this decision was inspired by cancer patients. Two of my friends' moms passed away this year because of breast cancer and my mom is a survivor. I would like to give back to those who fought and still fighting against this dreaded disease. I've donated my hair so others can wear one. You can check their website if you'd like to know how you can help them too!
Donate Your Hair Today
School didn't turn out so well. But I had a great 6 months and I really learned a lot. I'm guessing this school thing isn't for me but that doesn't mean I will stop dreaming. I will find other ways to achieve my goals. I promise!

I am working again in Convergys! I started back in April and so far, I'm enjoying it. I gained new friends and they are great! Albert and the other people from my previous work are also here in Makati so I sometimes drop by their office. I'm also looking forward to seeing my old friends here from my previous account in CVG.
We celebrated mother's and father's day with my family! Paul and I also had our birthdays in June Tita Josie in July! One more year added to our ages but it's another reason to be thankful for!

I'm not able to go about so much details but this post pretty much sums up my absence. I'll try harder this time.
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