Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Café Lidia - Marikina City

I was waiting for a jeepney ride home from school last February 7 (Friday) when I heard someone calling my name. I looked around and I saw Mikez's car and Vince kept shouting something. I never really understood what he said but he was gesturing that I should go with them. I immediately hopped in the back seat without really knowing where they would take me. It took a couple of minutes before everything I realized it. They are going to Café Lidia! This is the place Albert and I have been planning to visit for a long time now. I was just thrilled that finally I can eat there. Mikez and Vince said that my previous reviews of food places were all planned and our trip to Café Lidia can really be considered as the only (or the first) accidental food trip we had.
Café Lidia
Café Lidia was named after its owner and the business started in September of 2009. Café Lidia is located at 64 Calderon Street in Calumpang Marikina City. It's just a few blocks away from the dela Paz overpass but if you're driving a car, you would have to take the next street and go around because of the one way schemes in the area.  They have a parking space for their customers (if you're worried if you will leave your car on the side of the street) but this area can be often full. Café Lidia has already been featured in TV shows like Kris TV and it is quite famous among the residents of Marikina.
Café Lidia
Vince has already been there and since he's paying (lol), we asked him for some food recommendations. I had Pasta with Tuna and Bacon in creamy white sauce. It was good. I never thought that tuna and bacon taste good together. I just wish it had more bacon bits. Mikez had Chicken Kebab with java rice and Vince had Beef Salpicao with garlic rice. On the menu, both dishes are said to come with Mesclun salad which is defined as a mix young salad leaves that includes lettuce, spinach, chervil and other leafy vegetables in equal proportions. But I think I just saw lettuce on their plates. We also had their Buffalo Wings and it was really yummy! Their dessert selection is really inviting but I'm too full to take another bite. Maybe next time. :)
Café Lidia - Pasta with Tuna and Bacon
Café Lidia - Chicken Kebab
Café Lidia - Beef Salpicao
Café Lidia - Buffalo Wings
Café Lidia
Café Lidia has a very cozy ambiance and the place is really relaxing. Dining budget in Café Lidia is around Php300-400. I'm looking forward to visiting the place again and maybe try their pizzas, specialty drinks and of course their desserts!
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