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ThaiDara - Kapitolyo Pasig

Last December, me and my friends, Albert, Luis, Grace, Fao and Ciara, got together for dinner to celebrate Luis' birthday. Albert told me that we will be having dinner at one of the food trucks inside Capitol Commons. I got excited because I have never tried food trucks there before. So I left early and I got there first. Since they were not yet there, I checked out food trucks and I already spotted something I like. Luckily, when they arrived, our plans changed! We walked from Capitol Commons to Kapitolyo. We all looked around and Luis said he wanted to eat at Mad Marks but the place was full. And since we are hungry and tired, we all agreed to try Thai Dara.
ThaiDara - Kapitolyo Pasig
Photo Credit: Zomato
If you have read my post about Charlie's Grind and Grill, you will know how to get to Kapitolyo. Once you get there, you can check this map from looloo for directions.
LooLoo Food Guide Kapitolyo
I can't remember if I have tried Thai food before and I really don't know what I would like so I let my friends decide on what to order. For starters, we had Pork Satay (Php209). We also ordered Pandan Chicken (Php209), Pad Thai (Php229) and Bagoong Rice - Kao Klook Kapi (Php229).
ThaiDara Pork Satay
ThaiDara's Pork Satay tastes okay. I'm not sure how it should taste like but it tastes plain but it goes very well with the peanut sauce and/or the vinegar with cucumber. The pork isn't that tender (again, I'm not sure if it is supposed to be hard to chew) maybe that's why I didn't enjoy it that much.
ThaiDara Pandan Chicken
I also did not enjoy their Pandan Chicken. It is a bit over fried because the chicken meat lacks tenderness.
ThaiDara Pad Thai
Pad Thai! The waitress who served us said that their Pad Thai is their bestseller. It tastes like nothing I have tried before. It has chicken, shrimp, bean sprouts, spring onions and peanuts as toppings on noodles. It tastes sweet and I think I will order this again and recommend to my friends. Yum!
ThaiDara Bagoong Rice
Oh my! This is the best Bagoong Rice I have ever tried. It has pork, green mango strips, onions, egg and cucumber. It tastes really good! Writing this part makes my mouth water. I can live eating this for days without getting tired of it. YUM!
Accidental Foodist
Servings in ThaiDara are for sharing which is good for 2-3 people. Dining budget is around Php150-300 per head. The food was good, especially the Pad Thai and Bagoong Rice. The place was a bit small, but the waitress served as well. Clean place and has free wifi! Just when I thought our dinner get together was a failure, it turned out to be great!

ThaiDara is located at 23 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig City (624-9727). There's also a branch at 56 Granada Street, Valencia, Quezon City (411-1156).
ThaiDara - Kapitolyo Pasig

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