Sunday, November 3, 2013

HID Burgers - Cainta Rizal

I have always been intrigued of HID Burgers because it's always full of customers. I see this almost everyday since I pass by Imelda Avenue on my way home. I waited for months before I finally tried it because I hate waiting in line to be seated and served. I first tried HID Burgers with Caloy and Bino around late 2011 or early 2012. I can't remember what I ordered, but I'm betting it was HID BLT.
HID Burgers - Cainta Rizal
My second time there was with Paul. Paul is really not a burger-person, he prefers eating rice during lunch or dinner, so it was a bit difficult to persuade him to try it. I was able to convince him in the later part of 2012 but we were not able to go back. HID Burger tastes good and it has a generous amount of serving. In an ordinary day, I may not be able to finish a single patty burger by myself. 
HID Burgers - Cainta Rizal
Last Tuesday, my sister, Kyle and I went to Ortigas and before we go home, we went to HID Burgers because my sister is craving for Cheesy Bacon Wedge Fries. I, on the other hand, was just dead hungry so I ordered Bacon Mushroom Melt. ☺ 
HID Cheesy Bacon Wedge Fries

HID Bacon Mushroom Melt
HID Flame Grilled Burgers
It was my first time to try their Cheesy Bacon Wedge Fries and I think if you love potato wedges, you'd love this one too! My home-made potato wedges recipe is similar to what they serve but of course theirs look a lot more appetizing. 
HID Burgers
HID Burgers Menu
H.I.D. Burgers - Healthy, Irresistable, Delicious! They are located in Phoenix Gas Station along Imelda Avenue in Cainta Rizal. They serve flame-grilled gourmet burgers, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, Hungarian sausages and potato wedges! Dining in HID Burgers gives a new burger experience at an affordable price. And the best part is, their burger patties are made from 100% chicken.
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