Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Excuse For Not Writing

It has been more than one month since my last post and I'm sorry for not writing more articles. I have been really busy these past weeks and I have to set aside blogging for a while. And I hope that I can get back to writing again soon. So what have I been doing? Continue reading and you'll know. ☺

In mid August, my Belgian Malinois gave birth to five amazing puppies! It is my first time to try to breed puppies and I never expected that they will be a handful. Aside from them, I still have two other dogs to take care of and I think eight dogs would need more than two hands! I'm glad I have friends who have guided and helped me take care of my babies!
In September, I went back to Mapua to see my chances of getting back to school. Many of you may not know that I lack a few units to complete my course and throwing it all down the drain may not be the smartest thing to do. So I made a big decision to go back to school... at 31! Lol!
The reactivation process was really difficult since Mapua already implemented the Maximum Residency Rule. I have studied for more than five years before and I was informed that my request would somehow be difficult to grant. I needed to get the Dean's approval and I have to go back a couple of times because I can't seem to get a hold of the people I need to talk to. All my efforts paid off, when I my request was approved. Thank you Lord!
Aside from the five units I was not able to take, they have given me penalty units, 15 units on top of what I left behind. It's okay and I gladly accepted the penalty units just to complete my course and graduate. Classes started this month and now, I am taking three subjects; Product Design Development, Total Quality Management and Thesis 1.

Paul and I have also been taking his mom to the doctor last month because she has not been feeling good. She frequently feels dizzy and tired with occasional pain and tightness in the chest. This has alarmed us and we made sure she gets all the medical attention she needs. With prayers, she is doing better now.

Towards the end of September, Paul got sick for two weeks. I think he got stressed of what happened to his mom and his immune system dropped. He had fever, colds and cough and during this time and he doesn't want to see a doctor. We were also not able to celebrate our anniversary because he was sick but it's okay. We can just do our celebration twice next year!

Lastly, my sister came back from Singapore about two weeks ago. During my free time, I see to it that I go with her and Kyle and do all sort of things with them. She also celebrated her birthday last Friday!
I think I have been REALLY SUPER BUSY!! The past weeks have been stressful and tiring but at the same time it also made me feel happy and rewarded! I will try to write articles soon! I love you all!
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