Saturday, August 3, 2013

McDonald's Happy Meal: The Smurfs 2

First, I would like to say thank all the people who have read my post McDonald's Happy Meal: Despicable Me 2. I never thought that it would gain so much readers and I was able to interact with them too!. Because of this, I wanted to write another post about McDonald's Happy Meal toys and this time it's about The Smurfs 2. Kyle has been telling me about the new Happy Meal toys and has been insisting on collecting all of them again. There are a total of twelve toys here in the Philippines and sixteen toys in the US.
McDonald's Happy Meal: The Smurfs 2
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Two years ago, Kyle and I collected the Happy Meal toys for The Smurfs.
McDonald's Happy Meal: The Smurfs
I really think they're all so cute so we will also be collecting the Happy Meal toys for the Smurfs 2. I checked the nearest McDonald's store to see if it was already available. And yes it was! So far, we already have five Smurfs 2 toys! Seven more to go and we're done! So far, my favorite Smurf is the one that lights up! Clumsy Smurf! I was even thinking of buying an extra one just in case the first one runs out of battery.
McDonald's Happy Meal: The Smurfs 2
Paul and I also tried some of the Smurfs 2 desserts! They all look so blue and yummy! Too bad, the Blueberry Sundae and Blueberry McFloat were not available where we ate last time but I would love to try both of them next time. Paul had the Stawberry Oreo McFlurry and I had the Bubblegum McDip! Yummy! These desserts are just available for a limited time but I really do hope they can keep the Bubblegum McDip and add it with their McDip Desserts. I hope you can try the Smurfs 2 desserts and let me know what's your favorite!
McDonald's Smurfs 2 Desserts
McDonald's Bubblegum McDip
Smurfs 2 will be showing here in the Philippines on August 7. Kyle and I will definitely watch this film!

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