Sunday, July 28, 2013

Famous Belgian Waffles Part 2

If you have read my previous post about the Famous Belgian Waffles in Eastwood, you would know how much I love to munch on these sweets! And I think my good friend Tina of Fashion and Chocolat knows me very well when she surprised me with my favorite waffle the day after my birthday. When I got to my desk, I noticed that there was something on it and I was really touched when I learned that it was from her! She got me my favorite! Hazelnut! This post is one month overdue but I think it would still be awesome to let you know how great Tina is for remembering! Thanks again Tina Bear! Hug!
Famous Belgian Waffles

Lately, I often see stalls of Famous Belgian Waffles almost everywhere I go. About two weeks ago, Chel, Kyle and I went to Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and I saw a familiar stall located on the ground floor. I could not be mistaken because the aroma in the area is too inviting and tempting! Since Kyle hasn't tried it yet, we have to stop and order some. Alright, I might just have made an excuse so I can have one. :)
Famous Belgian Waffle
The Famous Belgian Waffles branch in Sta. Lucia has a small dine-in area! It was my first time to see this and I think it was amazing! It's perfect for kids too! It also serves as their waiting area because it takes some time for the waffles to be served. The Famous Belgian Waffles are freshly made and serving time may take about five to ten minutes.
Famous Belgian Waffles
Famous Belgian Waffles
The queue is often long in almost all Famous Belgian Waffles branches I see, but I don't think I will ever get tired of falling in line just to give myself a sweet treat!

Have you already tried the Famous Belgian Waffles?
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