Friday, June 21, 2013

Stackers Burger Café - Eastwood

Last week, me and my friends decided to have our lunch in Stackers Burger Café in Eastwood. I'm not so much of a burger eater but having Stackers is a different story. And since I am with my friends, my time there is all worthwhile.

Albert ordered the Jack Burger. I think it's his favorite because that's what he always have for the last couple of times we were there. For me, I had the Stack Cheese Burger. It's the only burger I can eat up. I wish I can have bacons too but I'm afraid I can't fit them all inside my tummy. :) The Stack Cheese Burger has tomato, onion bits, mayo lettuce and American cheese. This costs Php135 and you can just add Php65 to have fries and iced tea.
Albert loves the iced tea in Stackers, so I had one too. Although I'm cutting down on my sugar, I had to try it. Their iced tea have the not-so-usual taste like the ones you can get in Mcdonalds or Jollibee. It tastes like brewed tea with real honey and lemon, at least for me it's like that. I was also able to try their Belgian Choco Chip Waffle last week and I think it was great! I am looking forward to try their Glaciers and Fruit Shakes next time I visit. They also serve pasta, salad, chicken and breakfast. You have a wide range of choices for drinks too. They have milk shakes, coffee, floats, lemonade and beer.

Budget to dine in Stackers Burger Café is around Php200-350, depending on your appetite. You can check Stackers Burger Café Facebook page or visit their branch nearest you
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