Monday, June 24, 2013

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast - Marikina

My good friend Erik introduced us to a very nice diner called Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Mandaluyong back in March. And we have visited the place a couple of times since then.  Kanto Freestyle in Mandaluyong is around 25 km from where we live and when we learned about their new branch in Marikina, we felt happy because it's closer and we can eat there more often!
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Marikina

Last week, Paul and I decided to try out Kanto Freestyle in Marikina. We are not really familiar with the places there so we have to check the map n the internet. It's located at the corner of Aquillina and Col. Divino streets in Sto. Nino Marikina City. If you're planning to try Kanto Freestyle in Marikina, you can check the map below. If you're coming from Sta. Lucia or Robinson's Metro East you can follow the violet line.
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Marikina Map

Their branch here is really different from the one in Mandaluyong. Here, the tables are not located on the sidewalk and it's literally on a corner lot. This justifies the name Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. They also have a better parking area and it's beside a car wash.

Paul's personal favorite is the Honey Garlic Chicken. I, on the other hand, always try something different every visit. The last time that we were there, I had Pampaga's Tocino. This time, I ordered Batangas Tapa. The waitress told me it's one of their best sellers. It tastes great but the beef can be a little bit tenderer. I hope that can be improved.
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Honey Garlic Chicken
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Batangas Tapa
I also had their Chocnut Champorado with Tuyo flakes and I loved it! I just asked for the dried fish to be placed on one side instead of having it on the top.
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Chocnut Champorado
We only spent Php290 because I had two meals! Budget to dine in Kanto Freestyle is around Php100-200 depending on your appetite.
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Marikina
I haven't tried everything there yet and I would surely visit the place again soon. If you haven't tried Kanto Freestyle Breakfast yet, you should visit their branches soon. Check their Facebook page for more updates!

Have you been Kantofied?
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