Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Famous Belgian Waffles - Eastwood City

About a couple of months ago, my friends and I have been walking around Eastwood and we saw the food stall of the Famous Belgian Waffles in Citywalk 2 in Eastwood. Well, it was really that sweet and mouthwatering aroma that made us look for it. We didn't try it at first because we thought it was expensive. I have been seeing a lot of streamers and banners around Eastwood about the Famous Belgian Waffles and I think that made me want to give it a try.
Famous Belgian Waffles - Eastwood City
Famous Belgian Waffles in Citywalk 2 in Eastwood City
Yesterday, Albert and I went to Citywalk 2 after we had our lunch to try the Famous Belgian Waffles. Some of my friends has already tried it and they recommended some flavors for me to try. Hazelnut and Banana Peanut Butter are just two of the flavors that I was asked to try.
The waffles only cost from Php 30-55! When we got there, we ordered and we were given a number. We waited around 10 minutes for our waffles which I think is acceptable for freshly made goodies!
Famous Belgian Waffles - Eastwood City
Freshly made Famous Belgian Waffles!
We headed back to our office and I must say the smell is really irresistible. So I took a bite. And another one. Then one more. I decided to stop. I was thinking I would share half of the waffle with Paul so I kept it inside my bag. I find it hard to resist the urge so I decided to take one more bite. Then I decided to have one last bite. I'm not really good at stopping myself. Hahaha! The waffle's gone before I knew it!
Famous Belgian Waffles - Eastwood City

Luckily, Vince and Erik said that they will buy waffles too. I just asked them to buy another one so I can bring it home to Paul. When we got home, I gave it to Paul. He was kind enough to offer a small bite. It really tastes good. It's a bit crispy with just the right amount of sweetness! I will definitely recommend the Famous Belgian Waffles to my friends! You can check their menu below.
Famous Belgian Waffles - Eastwood City Menu
Famous Belgian Waffles Menu

Cel. No.: 0915-393-3383
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