Monday, May 27, 2013

Twisted Desserts in Eastwood

Last Friday, my friends and I visited Levante in Eastwood. We checked out the different food vendors first and everything look yummy! We already had our dinner so I was just craving for something sweet. I have seen Cakes by K and Twisted Desserts. I checked out Twisted Desserts because I got curious. They have these nice little cups filled with... cake?? I thought it was very interesting!
Twisted Desserts

They're called Dig Deep Cups! There are four flavors: 3K Karrot, Oh-riffic, Mr. Grey and S'Monster! Each of these costs P90-120($2-3). I tried Twisted Desserts' Oh-riffic and oh-my! It was heaven! I really loved it! Paul also had 
some and he said it was great. I think I would try their other flavors next Friday!

Twisted Desserts
I was also able to chat with two lovely ladies and I assume they are Trixie and Anna. They have described all the flavors to me and offered some free tastes too! I also asked about their custom cakes and they discussed the details with me. They said that they usually work around the budget of their clients but there is a minimum price. The smallest cake you can get would be an 8-inch round cake. Cakes can have layers too. You also have an option to have an edible 3D topper! 

Twisted Desserts 
Ladies behind Twisted Dessert
I think one of the things that draw my attention to Twisted Desserts, aside from the Dig Deep Cups and the colorful custom cake, was their warm welcoming smiles. Thanks again for being the reason to ignore my plan to lose weight! ☺

Aside from Levante every Friday, Twisted Desserts will also be in Eastwood Mall every Saturday and Sunday for the month of June. Be sure to drop by their stall and try their awesome desserts and get TWISTIFIED! ♥

You can check their Twisted Desserts' facebook page for a complete list of their products or contact:
Trixie Young - 09176208749
Anna Dio - 09062460976
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