Monday, May 27, 2013

McDip Crispies McDo Desserts

I have recently seen a photo on the McDonald's Facebook page with the newest Sundae McDip variants. I immediately asked my friends to check the nearest Mcdonald's stores in Eastwood to try out these new desserts. Unfortunately, these are only available only in Dessert Centers. :(

Sundae McDips
Sundae McDips

My sister have to buy school shoes for Kyle so we went to Sta. Lucia East Mall yesterday. I knew we can drop by a dessert station on the way and I could finally try ALL the flavors! Butterscotch, Buko Pandan, Chocolate, Strawberry and Ube! You can have the regular size ice cream cones for P15 or upsize it with crispies for P20. ☺

When we got there, strawberry dip wasn't available so we just ordered four. Because of my excitement, I forgot that there are only three of us and four of the lovely ice cream cones. I asked the crew if she can give me sundae cups so I can rest some of the cones on it. Kyle ate the chocolate sundae right away so I wasn't able to take a picture of it. I just took a picture of him instead.

My sister didn't really want to have some ice cream since it was raining last Saturday, so I ended up eating three! I know that this is not good for my diet because I aim to lose weight by cutting out some dairies. But, how can you resist something that looks this good? I know, these babies may not look as appetizing as the other photos above, but I can say they really taste good. Nothing very special though. But it has brought a completely different taste to the usual sundae ice creams I get from Mcdonald's. ♥


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