Friday, May 24, 2013

Levante Eastwood

Last May 17, 2013, Levante Market was launched in Eastwood City. It was organized by the Mercato Centrale Group who has brought us a lot of food night markets around the Metro. A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs and regular Mercato food vendors come together to Levante Eastwood  to showcase their specialties and gain more exposure. Many businesses like Manang’s Chicken, Mochiko and Chuck’s Grubberie has started from food night markets.

Levante Eastwood
Levante Eastwood

Levante Eastwood is located at Citywalk 2 every Friday from 6PM to 3AM. Aside from the wide variety of food there will also be an acoustic band to entertain you while enjoying your culinary adventure with your friends. Here are some of the participating food entrepreneurs and their specialties.

Levante Eastwood

• Manila Q - Crunchy Bagwang
• Schmidt’s - Juicy Gourmet Hotdogs
• Cakes by K - Luscious Crepe Cake
• Carlo’s Kitchen - Tasty Crunchy Belly
• Big Bobs - Charcoal Grilled Burgers
• Macheesemo - Mouthwatering cheese filled patty
• FMT Tacklings - Yummy Bite Size Tacos
• Sinangag Trip - Scrumptious Sinangag Rice Meals
• Auntie May’s - Mouth watering Angus Beef Salpicao
B. Wings  - Mouthwatering Black Mamba
• Twisted Desserts - Dig Deep Cups
• Mexicanto - Nachos and Burritos
• Eat My GF - Virgin Chips
• Chef Bab's - Sizzling Sisig

Me and my friends can't wait to try new sumptuous meals in Levante Eastwood. And we do look forward to having bigger but happier tummies in next few weeks. ♥

You can check Levante Eastwood's Facebook page for announcements and more details.
Twitter: @LevanteEastwood
Mobile+63 917 840-1152
Telephone+632 812-0102


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