Friday, May 31, 2013

Eat My GF - Garlic Fries in Levante Eastwood

Last Friday I saw a very intriguing stall in Levante Eastwood. I thought Eat My GF has a very interesting name. The name has a sexy appeal and I know most people will be thinking of something else too. If you know what I mean. OK. Enough of that! I did some research about Eat My GF and I found out that GF stands for Garlic Fries instead of Girl Friend. I immediately cleared my thoughts and just focused on how awesome their potato chips and fries are. A lot of people might be thinking, why didn't I thought about it first?

Eat My GF - Garlic Fries

I looked over their menu and I wanted to try them all. But since I have been planning on shedding some inches on my belly (which by the way, I constantly delay), trying all of them is something I must not do. So I picked what suits me the most! Virgin Chips! These are freshly sliced potatoes with fresh garlic, Parmesan cheese and parsley!
Eat My GF - Garlic Fries

I also brought home some of these garlicky heaven to my BF and I deliberately placed the chips where he can read Eat My GF. We both had a good laugh and we talked about the other food they have in their stall. They also have branches in Food Choices in Alabang Town Center and Glorietta 4 and one in San Juan. I am nowhere close to these branches and I do hope they can also open a branch in Eastwood or Megamall in the near future. ♥

Eat My GF - Garlic Fries

I think the fresh garlic taste really gives Eat My GF a distinct taste bringing them apart from other potato fries vendors. I have always loved the taste of garlic whether it's fresh, toasted and even powdered!I haven't tried The Big Ohhh yet because I don't think I will be able to finish it all. And I am not much of a burger fan.
Eat My GF - Garlic Fries - All The Way
All The Way
Today, my friends and I visited Levante Eastwood again and we tried All the Way! It's a combination of Original GF and Virgin Chips topped with bacon and sausages! It costs P169 and I think it can be good for 2-3 people.

I look forward to visiting their branch in San Juan soon and hopefully have a photo with the owner Kim Cariaso and/or Jordy the chef! Here's a map for Eat My GF branch in San Juan and a copy of their menu.

Eat My GF - Garlic Fries Menu 

You can check Eat My GF 's Facebook Page for more updates!
Kim Patrick Cariaso
Cel. no.: 0917-819-5875
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